Become a co-owner of a luxury home abroad
– Til en brøkdel af prisen

Make your dream come true with the future of luxury home ownership abroad.

The dream of owning a home abroad

Owning a luxury home abroad is a dream for many, but often the dream is shattered by concerns about price, maintenance and the hassle that comes with it. With Five2one, you now have the opportunity to make that dream a reality.

Optimal utilization for less money

Few people need a vacation home abroad 52 weeks of the year and the home is often empty or rented out to make ends meet. Five2one shakes up this way of home ownership when we find 5 families sharing a luxury home . 5 families share the cost of buying and running the home and Five2one takes care of everything about your home – both before and after the purchase. It’s 100% common sense at 20% of the price.

10 weeks a year with your own stuff in your home

Our concept is simple: We find a luxury home abroad and find 5 families who each have 10 weeks of use per year in a unique distribution system that we manage. We furnish all our homes to be luxurious and move-in ready when 5 happy families take possession of their dream home. Each family has their own things in the home, which we store and look after when other families use the home, so you never feel like you’re sharing the home with others.

Ownership without worries

As a Five2one owner, you don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintenance, administration. We can do all that. A Five2one vacation rental is yours, but we take care of it as if it were our own. We can even stock the fridge before arrival, car rental and a host of other services to help you vacation and relax every time you vacation in your Five2one accommodation.

This feature was published on a full-page ad in the February issue of  Jyllands-Posten’s magazine Living. Download Living by clicking here, we are on page 7.

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