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When you buy a luxury shared house in Spain through us for a fraction of the price, you save 80% of the running costs and operations because you are 5 families owning the property together.

We’ve developed a simple system that gives you a minimum of 10 weeks a year that you can swap, borrow or rent out if you want to cover your fixed costs.

Choose from the best

When you become a co-owner of a Five2one home, you not only have a number of vacation weeks at your disposal, you actually own the home. Everything is agreed, tested, safe and secure.

And you don’t have to search through thousands of homes to find the right one. We do the legwork for you, so all you have to do is choose from the very best homes.

Ownership without worries

Your Five2one home is yours, but we look after it as if it were our own. The only thing you need to focus on is relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

We handle everything
from administration and maintenance to making sure that your belongings are always in your home when you arrive. That way you don’t have to bring them back and forth and can enjoy having your personal belongings around you.

Ownership of the future

Five2one gives you access to vacation rentals in a completely different class than you would otherwise get for the same money. Our homes are unique because we only go for sublime quality, complete luxury and the very best location. We’ve done the legwork so you only have to choose from the very best. Here, owner Jakob Skram-Jensen talks about the Five2one concept.


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There are many questions that arise when you own a home with other families. But with Five2one, you can rest assured. We have a shared house ourselves and have been through every conceivable scenario. Learn more about the buying process and get answers to other questions below. If you don't find answers to your questions here, you are always welcome to write or call Five2one.

Yes, you own your home through a Danish company, where you own 20%, corresponding to one of the five shares. This is not “timeshare” but real ownership, and it’s easy to both buy and sell your share again.

Yes, but you can at most own a maximum of 2 shares of the home. The reason is that no owner should have a majority. With 2 shares, you get access to a full 20 weeks a year in your luxury vacation home.

There must always be
5 owners

want to

to be more people to own a
share, e.g.
several pairs of friends or generations, there’s nothing to stop you agreeing among yourselves, as long as there are only 5 formal owners of the property in total.

Five2one has one basic rule when finding a home: that we would invest and live in it ourselves.

Once we’ve found the 5 families, we find the home and put a lot of effort into selecting the right home at the right price. Any savings always accrue to the 5 owner families.

That’s why we say no to housing projects that do not meet our strict quality requirements or are not a good investment.

Your price for the home is exactly 1/5 of the total market price, as there are 5 families buying and owning the home.

The purchase price includes costs for the purchase of the property, tax and VAT, setting up an ownership company, statutes and ownership agreements, Spanish lawyer, notary, etc.

The purchase price also includes costs for interior design and adjustments to the home, etc., and Five2one charges a concept fee for finding the home, negotiating with the seller, finding five families and taking care of all the practicalities from start to finish.

Should there be any money left over when everything is sorted out and the home is ready for occupancy, it will go to the 5 owners.

Joint ownership costs for maintenance, repairs, owners’ association, internet, insurance, etc. are paid jointly by the 5 families, which means you save 80% compared to if you owned the entire home yourself.

For further calculations contact us.

We do. When you own a home with Five2one, you’re guaranteed a worry-free vacation every time, year after year, because we take care of your home while you enjoy your holiday.

We are your extended arm and help with whatever is needed.

If you need more help, such as pre-arrival shopping, concierge service for booking restaurants, car rental and more, Five2one can do that too.

Yes, you can keep your personal belongings in the accommodation and we’ll pack them in a storage room when you go home and put them back up before you arrive next time.

That way, you’ll always feel at home when you arrive and you won’t need to bring any luggage with you. Your golf bag, racing bike, kids’ favorite teddy bear, clothes, bedding, etc. are waiting for you when you return.

Five2one is not a traditional timeshare model where you only get the right to use a property for a certain number of days. Five2one is real ownership, where each family owns a share of the home through a Danish company.

You are not liable for each other’s debt to buy the home, the only joint liability is the ongoing operating costs.

The owner agreement that regulates ownership stipulates what happens if an owner does not pay their share of the common ownership costs etc.

Yes, it’s your exclusive 10 weeks, and you can either lend your home to family and friends or rent out one or more of your weeks for a rental income.

Rentals are always done through Five2one or a chosen partner to ensure that the accommodation is clean and ready for the next family to arrive.

Five2one gives you access to vacation rentals in a completely different class than you would otherwise get for the same money. Our homes are unique because we only go for sublime quality, complete luxury and the very best location.

All our homes are selected on the principle that we would invest and live in them ourselves. And all homes are refurbished to the highest standards and decorated by professional interior architects and designers.

Read more about our selection criteria here

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Each family owns a fifth and has therefore available 10 weeks and 3 days or a total of 73 days – per year.

Five2one manages the distribution in a system that easily and clearly controls who has which weeks, so that all 5 owners are equal in terms of availability in low, mid and high season .Weekscan befreely exchanged by mutual agreement.

Yes, if you want to sell your ownership share, you can sell freely and we are happy to help you market it on our website and, in ads etc. Because you’re selling shares in a company, it’s simple and straightforward. You set the price yourself and the other co-owners of the home have the right of first refusal. Often they will know someone who wants to buy into a luxury home that their friends or family already own a share in.

Five2one does not advise on the tax aspects of buying a home, as many factors can affect the individual family’s tax situation. However, when buying a home through Five2one, you can rest assured that we have collaborated with the best Danish and Spanish lawyers and accountants to build the concept.

Five2one is always available for an informal discussion, and we are happy to put you in touch with the best advisors in the field.

Let us bring your dreams to life

Let us hear from you and help you take the next step towards buying a vacation home. We look forward to making your dreams come true.


What do happy Five2one owners say about our concept?

We chose Five2one over other sharing concepts because we wanted a home with closer ownership and only 5 families sharing it. We had no regrets and felt confident throughout the buying process. Because Jakob and Ida have tried the concept themselves and know what it takes.

The Bjerre family

We fell in love with Five2one's concept, but fell so in love with the Sunshine Coast that we bought our own home through five2one. Jakob helped us all the way through with good advice, close contacts to the best projects and was there from start to finish. And it was even free for us. I can only recommend using Five2one also as an advisor on buying your own home.


I bought a Five2one apartment because I only use my summer home for a few long weekends a year. The rest of my weeks I can rent out, so everything is actually free including my loan I took out in Denmark. I love the concept of free housing in Spain and can see that the project apartment Five2one found has already increased significantly in value.

Nikolaj Lagoni

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