Danish advice makes the difference when buying a home abroad

Danish advice makes the difference when buying a home abroad

For many, the dream of a vacation home may seem unattainable. Both because selecting and buying a home is a lengthy process. But also because the investment can seem overwhelming, especially in a changing housing market – and in a country where rules and procedures can be difficult to understand and navigate.

The Spanish housing market has more players, different ways of doing things and completely different legislation and taxation. For example, there is no right of withdrawal, but a reservation agreement and payment of a deposit, etc. to take a property off the market, just as the buyer and seller are each represented by their own agent or real estate agent in a sale. This – and a number of other factors – are important to consider when buying property in Spain.

Security for Danish consulting and insurance

If you buy or sell ownership shares in a holiday home through Five2one, we guarantee that the property transaction and ownership takes place according to Danish rules and with Danish insurance. For Five2one, buying a home is a matter of trust, and we take pride in helping our customers safely and securely through the process. All the way from the purchase to the ongoing management of the property, until you might one day want to sell it again.

Five2one only selects properties with exceptional location and architecture. And which we believe have good investment potential. We use our legal expertise, our in-depth knowledge of real estate brokerage and our insight into the Spanish real estate market to provide our clients with highly qualified advice.

When buying through Five2one, we negotiate the price of the property, establish a Danish ownership company and draw up both purchase documents and an ownership agreement that clearly prescribes responsibilities and obligations between the owners. So everything is safe and secure.

From real estate development and law to interior design, we work exclusively with highly professional local partners. And we take care of the ongoing maintenance of all our homes to keep their condition – and value.

For Five2one, it is essential that our homes provide the ideal setting for our owner families’ dream vacations. Again and again. Year after year. Without worry and hassle.

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