Shared ownership is the future of vacation home buying

In a time of economic volatility, investing in a vacation home can seem overwhelming, even if it’s something you and your family have been dreaming about for years. But what if you could buy a home and minimize costs and administrative hassle by sharing it with other owners? And get all the benefits of ownership without the hassle and worry? And always have your own stuff in your home, so you don’t have to lug luggage back and forth. When you’re not in the home, all your belongings are stored and looked after for you. From your own duvet to the golf set. Five2one gives you that opportunity.

Full holiday joy without all the hassle

The Five2ones concept is simple: 5 families share one luxury vacation home abroad and each have a storage unit for their belongings when they’re not using the property. Each family has 10 weeks of home ownership per year and pays only 1/5 of what it costs to buy and own. This gives you a completely different class and quality of home than you would otherwise get for the same money. And with Five2one as the administrator, owners don’t have to worry about refurbishment, maintenance and allocation of vacation weeks. All that grieves Five2one takes care of.

In this way, owning a vacation home becomes a freedom and a joy. Owners can even enjoy the fact that their homes are rarely empty and costing money when they’re not using them. And they don’t have to deal with changing tenants: the periods when you’re not using the property are occupied and paid for by someone who looks after it as well as you do. It’s common sense and full holiday joy hand in hand.

Security for Danish consulting and insurance

The housing market in Spain is very different from what we know from Denmark. There are more players, different ways of doing things and completely different legislation. Five2one guarantees that everything related to home purchase and ownership takes place according to Danish rules and with Danish insurance. For Five2one, buying a home is a matter of trust, and we take pride in helping Five2one owners safely and securely through the buying process. All the way from the purchase of the home to the ongoing administration and perhaps one day selling again.

When buying through Five2one, we negotiate the price of the property, establish a Danish ownership company and prepare both the purchase documents and an ownership agreement that prescribes responsibilities and obligations between the owners. So everything is safe and secure.

More luxury for less

For Five2one, it is essential that our homes are designed so that the interior of the homes match their unique location and architecture. And to make every home feel exclusive, yet homely and intimate. As part of the purchase price, you pay for the interior design of the home in a modern Scandinavian style, carried through by the best designers.

As soon as the property is ready to move in, the owners take turns moving in and pay a small monthly management fee for Five2one to take care of all the practicalities of ownership; maintenance, rental, contact with suppliers, distribution of vacation weeks, etc.

Five2one owners can freely lend, swap and rent out their vacation weeks. If you rent out just a few weeks a year, it covers the cost of ownership for a whole year, and then you have a free vacation home.

If you want to learn more about the future of living abroad, you are always welcome to contact us at

info@five2oneestate.com or +45 52179521

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