Our criteria

for choosing a Five2one home

When you see our homesyou put yourhopefullyyou’ll hopefully notice,
that they are carefully selected for theirunique location, which we have continued in sublime
quality and complete luxury
i interior design.

But what is it really?
we select a Five2one home by?

  • All Five2one homes share the same high quality in everything from architecture
    to material selection and building style.
  • Our homes are either newly built or completely renovated, so everything
    is sparkling new and is pure luxury at the time of purchase.

  • We decorate and remodel all homes with the help of professional designers,
    so our owner families move into move-in ready, fully furnished and equipped homes.

  • The decor should feel special and personal without being over the top
    at the expense of comfort and functionality.

  • Every home should be something you’re proud to show off
    and enjoy relaxing with family and friends in.

  • Our accommodation is newer and equipped with all modern conveniences,
    while the style can range from industrial to mountain lodge, depending on the architecture and location of the home.
  • We only offer homes that are located in scenic and well-functioning local areas with
    good infrastructure and vibrant urban communities around it.

  • We’ll find exactly what you’re looking foréhome we would love to own ourselves and
    that we can proudly welcome every time an owner family arrives.

Let us bring your dreams to life

Let us hear from you and help you take the next step towards buying a vacation home. We look forward to making your dreams come true.

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